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Know how to generate backup codes in my psn

When you are looking for the addition of another step with the 2-step verification would add up the

extra layer to the security of your account that usually allows you to have the access to your account in

the Network of PlayStation.

You need to ensure whether or not you have met the requirements on the usage of 2-step verification

and also have gone through the information on how 2-step verification usually works here.

Did you unexpectedly receive the text message for the 2 step verification?

You need to change your password at the go if you have received a verification code that wasn’t asked

by you. You can also check out reset PSN password if you find anything suspicious.

So, how the feature of 2-step verification be turned off?

On the website, you need to check for whether or not you have your account active on PlayStation

device or on the network of PlayStation.

The following method you need to follow here:

  • Check into the settings and go to the account management option then click on account
  • information and then you have the option for 2-step verification as well as the status.
  • Now you need to change the status from active to inactive.
  • This is something you will find active if you have at any time signed on from the web.
  • Check onto the Security option from the account settings page.
  • You will have the 2-step verification link on the bottom of the security page which you need to
  • click on.
  • From this section select the Edit Status from which you need to click on the deactivate button.
  • You will now receive a text that is there on your mobile phone along with an email address that is
  • associated with the account that you have as this is something that would confirm the deactivation
  • process.

Avoiding issues with 2-Step Verification

1. Generating Backup Codes

Whenever you fail to have access to your phone number for a myriad of reasons you can activate the 2-

step verification for generating the backup codes here. 

This is done mainly after you have activated your 2-step verification. These codes can come in a lot of benefits while you change your phone numbers or while your battery is dead or even with the theft of your phone.

  • From the PS4 device, you need to navigate to the settings and then over to the Account
  • Management and then Security. After this, you need to sign in with your credentials then selecting th 2-step verification generating the backup codes.
  • You then have a sign in to your PlayStation network from the web navigate to the account section and scroll to the security section and click on 2-step verification link that is at the bottom of the page.

2. Choose the Right Smartphone for 2-Step Verification

The following are the must-have features in a smartphone:

  • It should be able to send text messages.
  • You should be the sole owner of the phone
  • The phone number you are using should be a permanent one